From the recording Americana And Whatever's Left

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Best Mistake I Ever Made has already been a huge success making new accomplishments with Charlie's career. The power driven song looks back on an old love story. Between influences such as The Eagles, Tom Petty, and Texas Country musicians that surround him, this new song has a very diverse creation. Best Mistake I Ever Made's energetic music behind the emotional lyrics makes a beautiful song and we can't wait for what else is on the horizon.


I guess you heard about my reputation
Well it's my fault for promoting it so long
I should have stood up to the allegations
Well I took it and ran away with a song

I miss seeing your Pontiac in my driveway
I'm stuck staring at the oil spot it made
I guess you're not driving back my way
I guess you finally realized I was just a mistake that you made

You were the Best Mistake I Ever Made

I guess you stopped guessing if we'd work out
Or you gave up a long time ago
You went back to you're boyfriend of seven years
Well good luck with that shit show

Our story was riddled with disaster
We were never meant to make it anyway
I look back and all I see is the laughter
But you you look back and you just see a mistake that you made

It's the Best Mistake I Ever Made

You were bad shit passionate
Dancing at the Gruene Hall
Dancing to Randy Rogers Band in front of my headlights
Jason Isbell told our story so I showed you Willie Nelson songs
It was only temporary
So I thought that you might
Want to leave instead of Slipping Away

With the Best Mistake That You Ever Made