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What Charlie Cope Song Is Your Favorite?

What About You 201
What About You (Live & Acoustic) 18
I Really Thought We'd Make It 31
The Way Its Supposed To Be 15
Putting Myself Through 154
Hooked On Little Lies 29
Let Me Go Easy 43
The Whiskey Ain't Talking 18
Use Somebody 7
Waller County 94
Waller County (Live & Acoustic) 16
Skip Goodbye 3
Big River To Cross 1
Breaking Down Never Felt So Good 92
Slipping Away 17
Best Mistake I Ever Made 53
Carried Me Through 6
Ghost Town (Live & Acoustic) 0
The Weight (Live & Acoustic) 0
Long And Lonesome High (Live & Acoustic) 0
Other (leave a message and say which one) 56
854 responses