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What Do Sponsoships Help With?

Studio Time

From Burning Lullabies (2025)

Because of our amazing sponsors we are able to record our music at a highly professional level, keeping it at high quality and our music on the radio stations and in the charts. If it wasn't for this, none of what we do would be possible.


From 101 Day Tour (2022)

Because of our amazing sponsors we are able to get all of our musicians to all the amazing cities that we can, seeing fans and making friends along the way. Plenty of things can go wrong while on tour, but thanks to the sponsors we are prepared and we can keep our musicians safe.


For Shows, Travel, Maintenance

From instruments, to microphones, speakers, monitors, hardware, cables, lights, maintenance, travel and more, the money from these sponsorships ensure we give the crowds a great show and helps us get to the shows from helping us pay for gas to helping us buy our new enclosed cargo trailer. All of what we do is thanks to the sponsors!


Magazines, Radio, Podcasts, Promoting shows & Promoting New Music

Promotion is one of the most important parts of this job, becasue how else do we get people to listen to the music, come to the shows, or even know who we are? Thanks to our sponsors and our promoters we can have large crowds, and keep bringing music to the masses.

Who Can Be A Sponsor For Charlie Cope?

Anyone can be a sponsor for Charlie Cope! Even if you don't have a business to promote, your business is always apprecitaed!

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