Charlie Cope's Backing Band The Other Guys

The Other Guys are not like most other backing bands. The Other Guys are asked to do a lot more and put in a lot more work than most backing musicians. They also each put their own parts into the songs and help Charlie along the way. From helping Charlie compose the horn section, to restructuring songs, and to writing killer guitar riffs, The Other Guys shape a lot of the music from the stage to the studio.

Riley Wine


Riley Wine has been in The Other Guys longer than anyone else playing alongside Charlie. Riley plays the drums, tambourine, shakers, and many more percussion instruments. The New Jersey native is quickly making his way through the Texas music scene alongside Charlie after studying music together at The University Of North Texas.

Joseph Reding


Joseph's 0 to 60 violin transitions are one of the greatest parts of Charlie Cope's music. This Houston native uses his mixture of jazz, classical, americana and blues influences to liven every performance. His fast paced shredding and slow sweet melodies are a very crucial part of this brand of gritty americana music.

The Other Other Guys

Charlie works with a lot of great artists. These extended members of the Other Guys, called The Other Other Guys, are people that have played with Charlie onstage, in the studio, and work behind the scenes shooting videos, or pictures, or working behind the computer making up the team that makes everything Charlie do possible.

Haidyn McKenzie


Haidyn is currently a photography major at University Of North Texas. She aspires to be a traveling music photographer, so if you or someone you know has a show or a gig coming up, feel free to get in touch with her here! She currently works at a photography studio and contributes her work to online music magazines. She is also in love with architectural photography. Other than that she could capture just about anything including but not limited to Charlie Cope & The Other Guys all around the Dallas/Fortworth area. So if you love these Charlie Cope pictures then there's a good chance she is the one that took them!

Collin Miller


Collin uses the saxophone to swell emotion into the performances on stage with Charlie. With a degree in Jazz Saxophone Performance from the University of North Texas, Collin has honed his skills and developed a deep understanding of music. In addition to being a talented player, Collin is also a gifted arranger and composer, with a talent for creating beautiful and innovative music. 

Jessica Riley

Backup Singer, Backup Mandolinist, Backup Guitar

Jessica is the Lead Backup Singer for Charlie Cope, singing behind Charlie onstage, in the studio and helping arrange the backup singers as well as managing and hiring them. Jessica also plays several different instruments along with Charlie including mandolin, guitar and procussion instruments. Jessica might be Charlie's girlfriend just like a true Rock Star Americana Music story, but she can hold her own with the The Other Guys any day of the week!