Interested In Working With Charlie Cope?

Check Out Our EPKs (Electronic Press Kits) To Find What Fits Your Needs!

Standard Concert EPK

These are for Charlie Cope shows from bars, to restaurants, coffee shops, to arenas and more!

Festival/Market Concert EPK

Charlie is a seasoned veteran when it comes to playing these kinds of events. Weather you want him to be the main draw of the festival or the background music of a Local Street Market, Charlie is the musician you are looking for.

Wedding Concert EPK

Charlie Cope has been honored to be a part of so many people's big day. Click below to have Charlie help give you the Wedding Day of your dreams!

Private/Home Concert EPK

Charlie has played countless concerts in people's backyards, living rooms, event spaces, business meetings and more. Click below for more information and contact Charlie to book your private event today!

Compact Space Concert EPK

Not sure if you have enough space for a show? Not a problem, Charlie's equipment is formatted to fit in the smallest of space or largest as well as the quietest coffee shop to the loudest concert hall. You won't even need a stage for Charlie, as he can fit into the about as much space as a 4 Person dining table.

Fine Dining Concert EPK

Regardless if you want him to be the main focus, or background music while your guests enjoy nice and light conversation, Charlie is your go to for his high level of professionalism and musicianship.

Opening Act EPK

Charlie has opened for several amazing acts including but not limited to Tenacious D, Lyle Lovett, Flatland Calvary, Turnpike Troubadours, Randall King, Curtis Grimes, Ben Haggard, Steve Wariner and more!

Charlie's ability to make his show flow from levels of energy while still feeling intimate is perfect for an opening act to make your headliner all the better with the audience.

Charity/Fundraiser Concert EPK

Charlie has played countless concerts that went to a good cause, from Breast Cancer funding, funding for a local fire department, to helping after a natural disaster and much more. Click below for more information on having Charlie help your cause.

Remote Concert EPK

Looking for a musician to play a remote concert for your event? Whether you want to have an event where you want to have something up on the big screen, you want to bring joy to a relative, or you've got an idea on an amazing date night at home, click on the Remote Concert EPK below!

Contact Us Here If You Are Interested In Having Charlie Cope Play Your Event! Or call anytime at 713-679-1217.