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Charlie Cope's Fanbase Name Vote is finished and we are proud to say that the new name of the wonderful fans of Charlie Cope is now...... The Copacetics!

For Someone Special.”

— Charlie Cope

"Highest Charting Americana Singer Under The Age Of 25 Of The 21st Century"

Charlie Cope

Acclaimed americana musical artist Charlie Cope uses his music to connect himself, an audience, and the songs throughout emotional love ballads, fast rock songs, or energetic songs full of jokes. As an americana musician, he can comfortably transition from genres across the board with anything from Reggae to Heavy Metal to Country Music and anything in between. He is a natural entertainer from making jokes with the crowd to writing songs from the words that they give him keeping them very engaged with the performance. He has played alongside musical acts such as Wade Bowen, The Head And The Heart, Dawes, Flatland Cavalry, Ben Haggard, Tenacious D, and many more. 

Charlie and his Dallas based backing band, the Other Guys are currently performing all over The United States playing songs off the internationally and critically acclaimed debut album “Americana And Whatever’s Left”. As this album proceeded to climb the charts in the americana music genre, it officially made Charlie the highest charting americana singer under the age of 25 of the 21st Century. While many musicians can impress audiences with great voices and guitar solos, Charlie can not only meet this criteria, but he goes above and beyond with his ability to connect with the audience. Whether he is singing a sad country song, a fast rock song, or is making songs up on the spot with the audience he will always leave them impressed, entertained and glad that they came out.

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